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Community Updates

The gates will now be closing at night starting January 9. During this transition, please use the temporary access code "#9104" if your registered gate clicker, telephone number, or immediate access code fails. Registered gate clickers MUST be near the proximity sensor by the call box in order to work.

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Lagoon Access

The lagoon is privately owned and it is not managed by the CDD. For all inquiries, including getting access to the lagoon, please contact Aaron Taylor at aaron@lagooninformation.com or by phone at (813) 572-0775.

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Gate Access*

The main entry gates operate on a timed schedule. This means that the gates open at 6:30 a.m. and close promptly at 7:00 p.m. daily. Residents can access the community outside of these hours using their registered gate transmitter (commonly referred to as a “key fob” or “gate clicker”) or a 4-digit immediate access code (commonly referred to as a “pin” or “code”).

Residents have the option of registering a telephone number to be programmed into the system directory for the front entry gate. Once a telephone number is registered and programmed, guests will be able to find the resident’s name on the display, press the “CALL” button, and then the system will dial the telephone number that is registered for your household. Once you answer the call, press the number “9” on your phone’s keypad to grant access to the caller. If you elect to register a telephone number in the directory, only your name will be shown on the keypad for visitors to view. To enter the community using the 4-digit immediate gate access code, press “#” before entering the code.

*If the phone number rings to a cell phone, press and hold the number “9” for a few seconds before ending the call.

Pedestrian Gate Access

To access the community via the pedestrian gates at either side of the main entry gate, hold your pedestrian gate access card in front of the card reader to open the gate.

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HOA Information

Titan Management is the new management company for Epperson Ranch. Titan is responsible for managing the following matters:

  • Architectural Applications
  • Violation inspections and enforcement activity
  • Collection of the homeowner assessments.

If you have any issues or concerns, contact titancares@titanhoa.com or you may call (407) 705-2190.

Check out the Titan Management Epperson Ranch HOA website for more information - https://www.titanhoa.com/community/sereno/.

Management Contact

John Atwell is the new manager for Epperson Ranch. John may be contacted at jatwell@titanhoa.com or by phone at (813) 451-7427.

Architectural Review Board

Should you wish to make ANY exterior changes to your home or property, please contact Titan via Titanhoa.com and look for the ARB Request tab. You may also go to https://www.titanhoa.net/ticket/arb/index.php.The online application may take up to one month for approval, but we make every effort to turn the applications around as quickly as possible!

Spectrum Bulk Account Customer Service

If you are experiencing an issue with your cable or internet, please contact Spectrum at (855) 285-3020.

Make sure to mention that you are a bulk customer at Epperson Ranch HOA.

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How do I access the amenities at Epperson Ranch?

Residents of Epperson Ranch can access the amenities using a gate transmitter, 4-digit access code, or pedestrian gate access card. The gate transmitter, 4-digit access code, and pedestrian gate access card must be registered with the CDD before they can be used to gain access. To register, fill out the Amenity Device Registration Packet online to submit your request for activation to the CDD Amenity Manager. To fill out the form online, you must first download the form by clicking on the download arrow icon in the upper right hand corner or the page or save it as a PDF by clicking the printer icon also found in the upper right hand corner of the page. The SUBMIT button is disabled in the browser and will only work when the form is downloaded. If for any reason there is an issue submitting the form electronically, you can send it to the Amenity Manager via email or regular mail. A completed amenity device registration packet must include:

  • Completed Amenity Device Registration form
  • Proof of ID (driver’s license, valid state issued photo ID, or military ID)
  • Proof of residency (copy of deed, closing document, or current utility bill)

Email or mail the completed packet to the amenity manager at the Tampa CDD district office for activation. Devices are activated within one week of submission**.

An example of the completed registration form can be found at this link: https://www.eppersonranch2cdd.org/com/67/documents/C760EBD9-4201-0A8E-00028B6777D1F0B2.pdf

Mail-in Requests

Shipping and handling fees apply to all requests for devices sent in by mail. Mail the items listed below to the district office located at 15310 Amberly Dr. #175 Tampa, FL 33647 to complete the request.

Requirements for mailed requests:

  • Completed Amenity Device Registration form
  • A check or money order made payable to “Epperson Ranch CDD” for the total amount for each replacement device being requested.
  • A separate check or money order made payable to “Epperson Ranch CDD” in the amount of $10 for shipping and handling.

Applications are processed in the order that it is received. Generally speaking, delivery of the devices can take 7-10 business days. Upon moving out of the community, please discard or return transmitters to the District Office for deactivation.

What do I do if my access code stops working?

To reset your access code, send the Amenity Manager an email with your property information, including resident name, property address, and neighborhood name.

The previous owners provided me with a device but it is not working. What do I do?

When residents vacate the community, the registered device(s) and pin(s) for the household are deactivated unless ownership is transferred over to the new owner or renter. To request the transfer, send the Amenity Manager an email with your property information, including resident name, property address, neighborhood name, and registered device and/or pin information.

I am new to the community and would like to be informed about upcoming events. Does my community have an events calendar?

Yes, the event calendar can be found on the Events page. Please note that the event calendar only advertises the events that were reserved through the CDD, such as the meetings held by the Board of Supervisors, and private events where a rental agreement or a written request was submitted to the CDD.

What do I do if my gate remote stops working?

Gate remotes can stop working for a number of reasons. If the gate remote doesn’t respond or the light doesn’t illuminate when the button is pressed, the remote may no longer be registered in the entry gate system or may need a new battery. If the gate remote still doesn’t respond after replacing the battery, and the light does illuminate when the button is pressed, the remote may need to be re-programmed.

To re-program your gate remote, please contact the Amenity Manager with your property information, including resident name, property address, and neighborhood name, along with a photo of the back of the gate remote, if possible, or the gate remote’s device number (ex: TR# XXXXX). If the gate remote still doesn’t respond after reprogramming the device, the remote will need to be replaced.

How do I purchase a replacement gate remote?

Residents can purchase a replacement gate remote by placing an order with the CDD. To place an order, please contact the Amenity Manager.

I am hosting a private event after hours and would like to provide my guests with a temporary gate code to access the community. How do I request a temporary gate code?

Residents have the option of requesting a temporary gate code to be programmed in the entry gate system to allow access for a limited amount of time. Some examples of where a temporary gate code was used include: events at a resident’s home, a temporary visitor, or a vendor completing a short-term project at a resident’s property address. To request a temporary gate code, please contact the Amenity Manager.

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