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Golf Cart Community FAQ

Does HB 949 apply on Epperson Ranch CDD roads?

Yes, the new legislation applies on all community development district roads.  All state statutes, (including age, licensing, and registration requirements) apply on all CDD roadways.  CDD roads are public.

Is Epperson South an approved golf cart community and who sets rules for operation of golf carts?

Yes, Epperson South is an APPROVED golf cart community.  The state Legislature sets the rules for CDD roads and paths for operation of golf carts and low speed vehicles and vehicles using approved pathways are subject to these state regulations.


Where are golf carts inside the Epperson South CDD boundaries authorized?

Golf carts are authorized on South CDD owned roadways (unless signage says otherwise) and multi-use paths. Epperson South has signs placed through the community informing drivers that carts are on the roadways.


Is my cart a “golf cart” or a low speed vehicle?  Where can I find more information on state regulations for cart usage?

State regulations distinguish between what is considered a “golf cart” and what is a low speed vehicle.  Generally speaking, a “golf cart” is a cart that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour (compared to LSV speeds over 20mph up to 25mph).  For more information on state laws related to specific cart types and cart usage on any approved cart path or road in Florida, please see: https://www.flhsmv.gov/safety-center/consumer-education/low-speed-vehicles/   


Can I be stopped by law enforcement on a CDD owned road that is approved for cart use? 

Yes, if law enforcement observes a violation of traffic laws or other statutes.  The same applies for motor vehicles.   For more information: https://www.flhsmv.gov/safety-center/consumer-education/low-speed-vehicles/


Does the South CDD have any authority over Overpass Road?

No, Overpass Road is owned by Pasco County.  The path that runs parallel to Overpass Road west of Epperson Blvd is owned by Pasco County.  The wider path east of Epperson Blvd that connects to the tunnel is owned by the South CDD and is an approved golf cart path (the smaller sidewalk between the wider path and Overpass Road is for pedestrian use only and is owned by Pasco County).  


Are South CDD roads private or public?

South CDD roads are public since they are financed and maintained with public funding and bonds. 


I have a question about Epperson 2 or Epperson North?

Breeze manages both Epperson North and Epperson 2 CDD. 


I have a question about Overpass Road? 

Pasco County owns Overpass Road. 



Report Traffic Violations or Issues:

Epperson Ranch Community Development District is a special district established in accordance with state statutes.  As such, community development districts can only exercise authority expressly granted to it by state law.  State law prohibits development districts from exercising any police powers or enforcement authority.  To report any traffic violation or concern, please contact the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office or the Florida Highway Patrol.  There is a link where you can go to report any traffic complaints that you might witness in Epperson Ranch, or elsewhere. It is a form that you can submit anonymously. The more you report these issues, the better the possibility of the sheriff's department paying attention and trying to monitor your neighborhood more often. Here is the link: https://www.pascosheriff.com/traffic-complaint/


Golf Cart Safety:

The Epperson Ranch (South) Community Development District (“District”) is an approved golf cart community.  In compliance with applicable regulations, all District owned roads are public roadways.  State and county law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction on all District roads.  Please note, permission by the CDD is NOT needed by law enforcement to enforce traffic laws on any public District roadway.  This includes inside the gated areas since such gates are owned by a public entity (CDD).  Many residents own golf carts and there might be questions regarding the rules and regulations to street legal carts. Please remember, the Florida Legislature has enacted laws that regulations regarding the lawful operation of golf carts including what is defined as a golf cart.  Different rules apply to different types of vehicles.  Not all “golf carts” are considered “golf carts” under state law.  To understand the difference between golf carts, low speed vehicles, and other vehicles, please consult Florida Statutes or the state of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You can find more information on the below webpage provided by the state of Florida.  Here is the link: https://www.flhsmv.gov/safety-center/consumer-education/low-speed-vehicles/


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