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Vacant Position on the Board of Supervisors of the Epperson Ranch Community Development District

The Epperso Ranch Community Development District (CDD) is soliciting interested candidates to fill a vacant position on the Board of Supervisors of the CDD (Board). The CDD is a local unit of special-purpose government which is created pursuant to Chapter 190, Florida Statutes.  The Board is comprised of 5 members who are public officials who are normally elected on the November General Elections who serve in staggered terms. The vacancy is a result of a resignation of a board member. The remaining term of vacant supervisor’s seat is through November 2022.

Qualification Requirements:

1.      Resident of the CDD

2.      At least 18 years of age

3.      Citizen of the United States

4.      Legal resident of Florida and of the CDD

5.      Registered to vote with the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections 

Instructions for Interested Candidates:

Interested candidates must submit a letter of interest and resume to [email protected] by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 27, 2021. The subject line in the email should read: “Vacant Position on the Board of Supervisors of the Epperson Ranch CDD”.

The Letter of Interest must contain:

1.      A statement stating why you believe you are well suited for the position.

2.      Your vision for the CDD and what you would like to see the Community evolve into. Please be specific.  

The Resume must contain:

1.      Your academic background and professional experience.

2.      Previous and current experience and position with governmental agencies and governing boards such as an HOA.

Interested candidates should attend the Board meeting on January 20, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.  and present a brief presentation about themselves and be prepared for a brief question and answer period with the current Board members.

Additional Notes:

The current Board members will discuss the candidates and may make an appointment at the January meeting. If the Board cannot come to a consensus on one candidate or if they determine to not appoint any candidate to the vacant seat, they may revisit the vacancy at a future meeting or leave the seat vacant until the November 2022 General Election.

Please note that the person appointed to serve in the vacant seat will be required to submit a financial disclosure statement to the State and will be subject to Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Laws, Public Records laws, and Ethics laws.

Budget Public Hearing Meeting Reminder

Dear Epperson Ranch Residents,

Your CDD Board of Supervisors would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, as always, you can attend the Budget Public Hearing CDD Meeting virtually by using the call-in information located at the top right of the meeting agenda.

We do have limited physical capacity at the Hilton Garden Inn in Wesley Chapel for those who wish to attend in person.  

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting on Thursday.

Your Epperson Ranch CDD Supervisors and Management Team

Understanding Your CDD Assessment Letter

If you are reading this, it likely means you either have received or soon will receive your CDD Assessment letter. For more information on what this letter means, please click here.

Dear Epperson Ranch Community,

We wanted to remind everyone that speeding presents a danger to everyone in our community.  Many are saying an increase in speed within the community is on the rise.  So, we wanted to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of renewed efforts to reduce potential speeding.

Epperson Ranch is a beautiful community where urbanites come to thrive, families come to grow, and retirees come to enjoy the fruits of their hard work – in a safe and inviting environment.

Speed limit signs are posted throughout the community to provide for appropriate travel speeds within a residential environment.  It is critical that these posted speed limits be adhered to for the benefit of all.

In order to improve our community, we will be working with law enforcement to report violations and enforce the speed limits. 

For the welfare of our entire community, PLEASE SLOW DOWN.  Any few seconds you may save are not worth it!

Thank you,

Your CDD Management Teams and the Epperson Ranch Community


Welcome to the official web site for the Epperson Ranch Community Development District (CDD). This site is funded on behalf of the Community Development District in an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the district, and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day operations of the community.

Epperson Ranch Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Epperson Ranch Community Development District (the "District"), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District. The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing. As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public. Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.

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Board Meetings


CDD Board Meeting - Dec. 2021 - CANCELLED

Hilton Garden Inn, 26640 Silver Maple Parkway, Wesley Chapel, FL

6:15 PM - 7:15 PM


CDD Board Meeting - Jan. 2022

Hilton Garden Inn, 26640 Silver Maple Parkway, Wesley Chapel, FL

6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

Meetings held at:

A conference room of the Hilton Garden Inn, 26640 Silver Maple Parkway, Wesley Chapel, FL at 6:15 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

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